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Tank circular welded joints planishing machine

We own advanced Weld Joints Planishing Machine technology to make sure products quality, and we are the best Circumferential Seam Planishing Machine company in China.

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Product Description

TCM-CP automatic planishing machine is designed for steel tank shell welded seams surface planishing & flatten & crush and smoothing treatment after welding,So that to make steel tank vessel with better whole surface.

The machine is mainly composed of fuselage,rolling wheel,rolling guide rail,top tightening cylinder,hydraulic station,main transmission mechanism, lubrication and electrical control system.It’s mainly for planishing steel tank circular welded joints (seam),crushing tank shell welded joints and flatten vessel circular welding seams.It is widely applied in the industries of pharmaceuticals,chemical,environmental purification,food & beverage, water filtration,etc.


TCM-CP Steel tank circular welded seam planishing smoothing machine

Normal configuration(customer design acceptable)

Steel metal tank size

Tank shell diameter

900-6000 mm

Tank shell Max.Weight

1 Ton / 2 Ton / 5 Ton /10 Ton

Planishing Speed

≦1000 mm/minute

Welded Seam Width

50-70mm / Based on demands

Planishing machine size

Machine Dimension


Smoothing Roller Material

Steel Gr12 case hardening

Operating pressure

12 Mpa

Input total Power


6 kw

Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Machine Weight




Grey/Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Custom design



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