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Flat sheet Welded joint grinding machine

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Product Description

TCM-XTC manual control grinder machine mainly consists of a belt driving mechanism,a contacting wheels (abrasive wheel) system,a grinding head body,a supporting base,stand bars,caster,an abrasive belt,a hand push rod and an electrical control system.The Electric motor directly transmits the power to the driving wheel, leading to the revolve of the abrasive belt with a high speed.The belt is tensioned by the straining device,and polished by the contact wheel.This polisher grinder suit for flat sheet surface grinding,plate welded joint surface polishing,welding seam grinding,metal sheet dust removing etc.Widely used in the fabricator of steel metal products.


TCM-XTC manual polisher grinder machine parameter:

Normal configuration(customer design acceptable)

Grinder machine dimension

1300x800x1200 mm  (L x W x H )

Polishing Precision

Surface roughness(Ra)


Abrasive belt specification

2000mm*50mm (60#-600# grit mesh)

Grinding efficiency

Polishing working speed

6 m2/h

Input total Power


4 kw

Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Machine Weight


120 kg


Yellow/Grey/Green/Blue/Red/Custom design



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