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Steel tank circular welded seam auto polishing machine

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Product Description

Trancar Industries TCM-TW tank shell circular welded seam automatic polishing machine is designed for steel tank shell circular welded seams (joints) surface treatment with special welded seam grinding head system,This model is suitable for all kinds of steel tanks & pipes’ circular welded seams joints’ surface polishing grinding and buffing.such as steel tank circular welded seams and joints.This machine is widely used in medical area,chemical,environmental purification,food,beverage and water filter,etc.

It could buffing all kinds of steel metal cylinder tanks such as,atmospheric / pressure tanks,CIP-tanks,Milk / Cream / Yoghurt Tanks,Chocolate Processing tanks,Beer Fermentation Tanks,Yeast propagation Tanks,Mixer,Bio / Cosmetics Reactors,Pharma Mixers,centrifugal cylinder shell,crystal furnace tank shell etc.


Custom design welded seam polishing solutions are available based on your demands for your steel tank vertical or horizontal welded seam surface grinding and polishing accordingly.


Steel tank circular welded seam auto polishing machine parameter:

Normal configuration(customer design acceptable)

Tank Circular Welded Seam Size

Tank Shell Diameter

450-5000 mm

Weld Seam Width

≦ 60 mm / 75 mm

Tank Shell Length

≦6000 mm

Tank Roller Max.Loading capacity

1 Ton,2 Ton,5 Ton,10 Ton for option or customization 13T,15 T 20T.

Polishing Precision

Surface roughness(Ra)


Production Efficiency

Polishing working speed

6~12 m2/h

Machine Dimension

900x900x1500 mm

Input total Power


8 kw

Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Machine Weight


600 kg


Grey/Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Custom design

 tank circular weld seam polishing machine  (4).JPGtank circular weld seam polishing machine  (6).JPG

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