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Hefei Trancar Industries Co.,Ltd (TraCar Machinery TCM) located in Binhu New District zone Hefei City Anhui province who is near from Shanghai and Nanjing city China.With more than 12-year experience in the field of metal Stainless steel surface treatments such as grinding,polishing,buffing,brushing and rust removing etc.We focus on customization & standard steel metal surface treatment machines,such as automatic polishing,grinding buffing and flatten etc.OEM & ODM service are available.To service the clients friends from all over the word.

TCM industries supply all kinds of PLC and CNC automatic polishing grinding buffing machine for various steel metal (aluminum,copper, Inconel,titanium,and clad metals) made products' surface treatment,such as steel tank shell buffing machine,pressure vessel polishing machine,vessel head polishing machine,dish head polishing machine,tank cap surface grinding machine,plate sheet polishing machine,welding seam polishing machine,circular welded seam flatten machine,longitudinal welding seam planishing machine,Wire rod polishing machine,steel tube exterior polishing machine,pipe inner surface grinding machine etc.our polishing machine finish grades vary from grinding (#3) to mirror (#8) with grit designations from 50-2000# for an extra fine finish,Ra≦0.2Um.It's easy to get mirror surface via Trancar automatic polishing machine.

Besides automatic polishing machines,we also supply tank longitudinal and circle way welding machine,cone rolling/bending machine and hydroform metal bellows & welded metal bellows based on clients' requirements.Custom design service is available.


Our products are widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical,medical machinery,food & beverages,

water purification,Pressure vessel,Paper and pulp industry,Fine chemical,Petrochemical,biochemistry,

petroleum pipeline,Cosmetic,waste water treatment,Semiconductor industry,Photovoltaic industry etc.Trancar Industries will be an enduring company trusted and respected by people based on the management philosophy of 'Corporate Citizenship Building a Better Future Together'.


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