Welcome to Hefei Trancar Industries Co.,Ltd.

▲ We Supply:

  Trancar Industries supply all kinds of steel metal surface treatment polishing machines & solutions,such as stainless steel tank shells & caps polishing machine,flat sheet polishing machine,welding seam (circular & longitudinal)flatten machine,welded joints (circular & longitudinal) surface grinding machine,Steel wire rod grinding machine,Steel pipe polishing machine(inner & exterior surface polishing) etc.Both PLC and CNC control system are available for you.

▲ Core Values:

  Creating value for customer. Innovation. Team working. Insist on honesty and integrity. Drive for excellence.

▲ Our Spirit:

  Dedication & cooperation, learn continuously. Every employee is on behalf of the company.

▲ We Insist:

We insist on demonstrating the highest level of business ethics.We conduct business with uncompromising principles and professionalism to provide you with the best service.

▲ We Listen:

As a polishing machine manufacturer,we are committed to getting the job done in the first place. Because we always put our customers first.We ask demands,listen and learn while meeting your exact requirements,polishing services and metal grinding services through our processing services.

▲ We have Experienced Engineer:

We are aware of the importance of advanced equipment as well as experienced engineers,so we employ engineers with more than 10- year’s experience to work in the factory,just to provide our customer,you,the best quality solutions.

▲ We adhere to strict quality standards:

We continually modify and improve the quality control standards of all polishing machines to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers in various fields and help customers solve more polishing problems.

▲ We are Accountable:

We take ownership of all our work and make ourselves accountable for every customer from the moment they consult with us.


▲ Professional After Sales Service:

Our teams provide the onsite installation ,commissioning,and after-sale service. 

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