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Steel tank cover polishing machine from Trancar Industries

Tank cover polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of standard heads surface polishing,such as conical head,spherical heads,torispherical head,pressure head,deformed head,elliptical head,pressure vessel head,sealing heads tec.

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Product Description

Steel tank cover automatic polishing machine Hefei Trancar Industries

Trancar Industries tank cover automatic polishing machine is made up of column and boom manipulator,This kind automatic polishing machine is for steel metal tank covers,cylinder heads,vessel heads,tank cap,dish head,spherical cap,dished heads,semi spherical heads interior & exterior surface grinding and buffing.

TCM-D series steel autoamtic polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of standard heads polishing,conical head polishing,spherical head surface polishing,dish head polishing,special heads polishing,stainless steel oval head inside and outside surface grinding polishing, pressure vessel head polishing etc.Beside steel tank cover surface grinding machines,Trancar Industries also produce automatic polishing machine for steel tank shell,cylinder body surface treatment.Our polishing equipment are widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical industry,medical industry,food & Beverage industry,water purification,Pressure vessel industry,Cosmetic industry,waste water treatment,Semiconductor industry,Photovoltaic industry etc.

Automatic tank cover polishing machine parameter:

Normal configuration(customers’ requirement acceptable)

Available Polishing workpiece size

(Tank head/dish ends)

Inside & outside diameter

450~5000mm / 6000 mm

Turntable Max.Loading capacity

1 Ton / 2 Ton /5 Ton / 10 Ton for option or custom design 15 Ton,20 Ton.

Polishing Precision

Surface roughness(Ra)


Production Efficiency


6~12 m2/hour

Total Dimension

Machine Dimension


Column Dimension

300x400x8 mm

Beam Dimension

150x200x6 mm

Input total Power


12 kw

Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization


Grey/Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Custom design

Machine Weight



Suitable Polishing Material

Abrasive sanding belts,grinding wheels (flap/cloth/ emery/Nylon wheel etc)

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