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Stainless steel sanitary tubes internal surface mechanical polishing machine

China Trancar Industries Stainless steel sanitary tubes internal surface mechanical polishing machine for sale

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Stainless steel sanitary tubes internal surface mechanical polishing machine

Hefei Trancar Industries Co.,Ltd customized design equipment for stainless steel sanitary tubing inner surface abrasive cleaning

and automatic polishing.

Steel santary pipe tubes widely used in the industries of Bio-Fermentation,Pharmaceutical,Life science,Fluid food,Drinks,Dairy,

Wines,UHP Piping system,SEMI & FPD etc.

How to get right rounghness internal surface tubes?Such as ASTM BPE pipes,sanitary tubes,ultralpure tubes Ra<0.4-0.8um.Beside electronic polishing,you could choose TCM-NP mechanical polishing solution.

TCM-NP type mechanical polishing machine is suitable for small diameter stainless steel/metal/Aluminium tube pipe interior surface grinding & polishing,it could polish round stainless steel tube pipe internal surface with good mirror surface.Such as semiconductor tube,Ss sanitary tube,Industrial water supply and drainage pipe,factory sewage pipe,stainless steel sanitary pipe,stainless steel pipe for medical equipment,stainless steel pipe for hardware,,stainless steel automobile exhaust pipe,auto parts stainless steel pipe,heat exchanger stainless steel pipe,filter stainless steel Tube,commercial exhibition stainless steel tube etc.TCM-NP tube internal mechanical polishing machine are widely used in the field of medical,chemical,environmental purification,food and beverage,as well as water filtration.

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SPECIFICATIONS FOR TCM-NP Steel tube inner mechanical polishing machine

Available polishing tube pipe data
(working capacity)

Tube Diameter





Max. Length



Polishing precision

Surface roughness(Ra

<= 0.8-1.6


Machine Weight




Outer Dimension

(L x W x H)




Input Total Power




Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Produce Efficiency




Suitable Polishing Material

Custom design grinding wheels

TCM-NP Polishing machine suitable for standard BPE ISO 2037 Steel tubes internal polishing:

Diameter:25mm/38mm/51mm/63.5mm/76.1mm/101.6mm etc

Length:6100mm Custom design service is available

For Ss tube inner polishing machine video please click.Or contact us at contact@trancarindustries.com.

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