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ASME BPE 90 degree steel Elbow internal PLC automatic polishing machine

TCM-NP Mitsubishi PLC automatic polishing machine for Ss 90 degree elbows bends intenral surface grinding polishing

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Product Description

Trancar Industries ASME BPE 90 degree steel Elbow internal PLC automatic polishing machine 

    Trancar Elbow Internal Mechanical polishing equipment is widely used widely used in the fields of

food hygiene, biomedical grade, electronic clean grade stainless steel welded pipe equipment,

high-purity pipe manufacturing  production line equipment,UHP Piping system,SEMI & FPD etc.

How to get right roughness internal surface of 90 degree elbows with 

Trancar elbow inside mechanical polishing equipment?Such as ASTM BPE steel 90 degree long

elbows Ra0.2-08 um surface.

    TCM-NP type mechanical automatic polishing machine is suitable for 1/2 inch-4 inch diameter 90

degree elbow bends internal surface grinding polishing.It's controlled via PLC full automatic system,

with higher working efficiency,one person could control at least 3 sets machine,easy to operation.

    TCM-NP Elbow internal automatic polishing machine applicable standards:

ISO 3A, ASME-BPE,BA,EP,SMSDINS,long/short elbow pipe fittingsu-shaped bend pipetee pipe fittings.

    Trancar Industries Elbow inside polishing machine Performance Characteristics:

Internal grain surface roughness is veryuniform,quality/big progress and fixture rapid replacement of

three,easy to learn,easy to operation.

    TCM 90 degree bend interior automatic polishing machine Technology Principle:

Mitsubishi PLC control of feed speed, polishing revolution is adjustable, 1/2-2"as the five products

at the same time polishing,2.5" 3 "4" for the three products at the same time polishing.Sheet metal

sealing safety protection,grinding oil filtration cycleuse,workshop without dust/dirt/oil dirties,conform

to the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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SPECIFICATIONS FOR TCM-NP steel Elbow internal polishing machine

Available polishing elbow data
(working capacity)

Elbow Diameter






Polishing precision

Surface roughness(Ra

<= 0.2-0.8


Machine Weight




Outer Dimension

(L x W x H)




Input Total Power




Power Supply

380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Produce Efficiency




Suitable Polishing Material

Custom design grinding wheels

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