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What factors make polishing machine grinding head motor over heat?
PublishTime: 2019-04-24 19:30:23

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The core part of the automatic polishing machine is its motor. Once the motor is overheated, it will directly affect the working condition of the equipment. In serious cases, it may burn the motor and cause huge losses. In the process of using the automatic polishing machine on a daily basis, what are the main reasons that cause the motor to "high fever"?

1,Polishing machine overloading working.

This situation is generally not felt when you first start using it,and the temperature rises sharply after a period of use.This condition is generally caused by a lack of power supply voltage or overloading of the equipment.

Such as set touching wheel with too much pressure on tank shell surface.Or long time do polishing work without stopping.

2,poor motor heat dissipation.

Checking motor fans before do polishing job.Make sure fans working well and no other things cover on motor cooling hole.And do Periodic inspection.

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