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Welded metal Vaccum bellows

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Product Description

Stainless steel welded metal bellows offer best performance on flexible ratio and vacuum leak rate,they maintain their high strength capability and custom design with varying thicknesses.We could offers AM350,304L 316L steel welded bellows with CF,KF ISO metal flange or process custom design flanges accordingly.Steel welded vacuum bellows widely used in the fields of solar, semiconductor,photovoltaic,vacuum,electronic,nuclear,industry etc.


Stainless steel welded metal vacuum bellows

Normal configuration(customer design acceptable)

Steel Bellows Data


8-200 mm


17-235 mm


0.05-0.10 / 0.15-0.20 mm


AM350,304L 316L etc

vacuum leakage rate

(Standard Leak Rate) 1*10-8Pa•L/S~1* 10-12Pa•L/S

Working Temperature

-196 ~ 800℃;

compression ratio


Service (cycle) life:

10 ~ 1 million times


Based on your demands

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