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Metal hydroform bellows

Our company has hydroform metal bellows for sale, and these hydroform metal bellows are from China with high quality and exported to the foreign countries.

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Product Description

Hydroform bellows made of a thin welded tube are flexible tubing,they are for compensation of movements of connected components.They are applicable for vacuum as for inner or outer pressures.It’s made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant we propose single thin wall bellows for vacuum application only in order to achieve high movement and small spring force.Each piece is helium leak checked.

Hydraulically formed bellows are widely used in the fields of Semiconductor,solar,

photovoltaic,vacuum industries etc.


Parts of metal Bellows information:


Nominal diameter:DN6-DN300

Pressure grade:0.1Mpa-20 Mpa

Axial compensation dosage:18mm-400mm

Design temperature:-20℃~450℃

Flange:Standard CF /KF/ ISO or process based on your drawing.

Product standard

Steel metal formed bellows standard number:GBT6070 GBT6071 JB919.

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