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How to remove steel pipe tube longitudinal welding seam?
PublishTime: 2021-03-04 17:40:14

How to remove steel tube longitudinal welding seam by TCM welds seam planishing machine?

Trancar Industries Co.,Ltd provide long welds planisher for steel cylinder shell,round pipe tube exterior long welds planishing and flatten.

It could process follows parameter pipe exterior long welding line.

A:Pipe Diameter:200-1000mm

B:Max.Length:1500 mm.

C:Welds line Width:30mm.


Custom design service is available.For more welding seam planishing machine,please feel free to contact us at contact@trancarindustries.com.


Beside round pipe long welds planishing machine,Trancar also provide steel tank long welding line planishing machine and tank shell circular welded joint flatten machine.

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