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How to release steel welds residual stress via weld rolling machine
PublishTime: 2020-11-23 19:02:41

Trancar provide weld rolling machine,welding seam flatten machine to release steel tank welding seam's residual stress.


Stainless steel welds (welding line/welded joints) are widely exists in the equipment of chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Wrong welds seam treatment method will cause unsightly appearance, high residual stress,corrosion, and residual pollutants in equipment.All these will affect the level of process assembly and manufacturing.The weld must be handled well.

Hefei Trancar Industries provide stainless steel tank straight line flatten machine,Ss tank ring weld rolling machine,We also design and produce welding line crushing machine for steel flat sheet longitudinal welds surface treatment such as planishing and grinding.

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