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How to reduce the noise when the polishing machine do steel surface grinding?
PublishTime: 2018-12-11 13:19:41

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Any mechanical equipment will generate noise during work,and the automatic polishing machine is no exception.For the staff, working in a noisy environment for a long time is really a headache,especially in the summer,the whole person Will feel more annoyed.Since it is impossible to mute the automatic polishing machine,it is necessary to reduce the impact of noise.

According to the mechanism of the noise generated by the polishing machine, it can be known that the huge noise is generated by the violent vibration caused by the unbalanced force when the grinding head cuts the workpiece.

Vibration is the real cause of noise.After study tank shell and dish head polishing machine grinding motor’s vibration,We know that follow two factors affect the noise.Motor speed and sanding wheel & belts width.Choose the right belts width and work at suitable speed,thus it will reduce the unreasonable noise from polishing machine.

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