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How to grind steel pipe inner surface with automatic polishing machine?
PublishTime: 2019-09-02 16:32:38

How to grind steel pipe inner surface in automatic way?

                                             Steel pipe internal auto polishing machine video on Youtube

Anhui Hefei Trancar Industries Co.,Ltd supply automatic internal pipe polishing machines and solutions.

Stainless steel pipe features high corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in plumbing applications and drinking water transfer, even at high flow rates. It can also be used in natural gas, oil, and steam applications. Stainless steel pipe can be threaded for connection with fittings.In order get to good surface steel pipe,automatic polishing machines are needed to reduce produce cost and time.

Trancar pipe polishing machine could do diameter 19-117mm,length 6 meters or 12 meters steel pipe inner surface grinding and buffing.

Beside pipe inner surface polishing machine,we also supply steel pipe tube outer surface grinding machine.Custom design is available,tell us your demands on pipe surface grinding and customization automatic polishing machines and solutions will be supplied.

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