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Steel tank automatic Welding machine

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Product Description

This type of welding machine is mainly made up of upright pillar,transverse beam, return and elevating mechanism,expansion mechanism of transverse arm,cross regulation,electrical box,and bottom base and so on.It can meet multi-direction welding requirement.The elevating of welding arm adopted the way of worm gear transmission and chain drive elevating.The extending of welding arm also adopted the way of worm gear transmission and gear travelling way.Its speed changed by converter which has stable transmission and slow & stable speed changing.It also uses the digital display from China.Cross trimming mechanism is used to adjust the deviation between wire and work-piece.The electrical control box is used to control power on/off,elevating and expansion of boom.In order to be more convenient there’s also a remote control box which have boom speed adjust potentiometer,boom elevating and expansion switch and column rotating switch.And the control box of welder can install on electrical control box,on the panel have welding current meter, voltage meter,voltage potentiometer,current potentiometer,feeding,back,button, welding start and stop.


TCM-W Steel tank automatic Welding machine parameter:

Normal configuration(customer design acceptable)

Steel metal tank size

Outside diameter



<=4000 mm

Tank Roller Max.Loading capacity

3 Ton / 5 Ton /10 Ton or customization

Vertical elevating stroke

4000 mm / customization

Horizontal expansion stroke

3500 mm

Boom expansion speed

0.12—1.2  M/min

Boom elevating speed

1 M/min

Rotating angle of column


Welding Machine size

Machine Dimension


Power Supply

220V / 380V 415V / 50Hz 60HZ / 3p or Customization

Machine Weight


3000 kg


Blue/Grey/Green/Red/Yellow Custom design

 Column and boom manupulator welding machine TCM    (4).jpg


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